Cooperative mutual aid

If disaster strikes one of our member cooperatives, we’re always ready to respond quickly and efficiently with our promise of mutual aid. We are able to access the resources from any of our member cooperatives to help assist our cooperatives in need.

Although Mother Nature has been active throughout the Hoosier state this spring, we only had to call upon the mutual aid network a few times –until this past weekend when several tornadoes hit our state and we were reminded that activation of the network is only one strong storm away.

If your cooperative needs to activate the mutual aid network, you can now do that with a single call to 317.487.2299. A call to this number, affectionately known at IEC as the “bat phone,” rings the mobile phones of five individuals: Jon Elkins and the four safety instructors.

The safety team member who answers the call will ask questions to best understand the calling cooperative’s equipment and human resource needs. The team will then reach out to the nearest unaffected cooperatives to request and coordinate support. The team also serves as the liaison between the affected and supporting cooperatives throughout the restoration project.

The updated Indiana mutual aid agreement has been distributed, and most have been signed and returned. If yours remains outstanding, please sign and return it to Jon Elkins at your earliest convenience.

If you have questions about the mutual aid program, contact Jon Elkins. You may also download a PDF of IEC’s disaster response contacts.