Learning management system update

The Rural Electric Apprenticeship Program (REAP) learning management system has been fully implemented. With the ultimate goal of creating a one-stop portal for apprentices and supervisors, a few of the objectives of this project include:

  • Provide a platform for apprentices to easily submit their on-the-job training hours and homework and in-class assignments.
  • Allow apprentices and supervisors to easily and clearly assess program progress, including Ivy Tech participation.
  • Provide supervisors with a mechanism to approve on-the-job hours.
  • Track training records more consistently.
  • Make training records readily available to apprentices and supervisors, with accessible reports and historical apprenticeship training records

User feedback is guiding a few additional improvements and enhancements for the system.


Work has begun to migrate the regulatory compliance online learning and tracking to the learning management system. The current, custom-developed online training system has reached the end of its useful life and no longer meets modern needs and expectations. The goal is to develop a single records management platform that will administer and track training, development and compliance programs.

A few of the project’s objectives include:

  • Provide cooperatives with a single, accessible system to administer and track employee regulatory compliance training and activities.
  • Provide informative, attractive and interactive online training materials, with the ability to customize materials for each member system based on individual needs.
  • Provide individualized training plans to meet each cooperative employee’s training and compliance needs.
  • Allow cooperative employees and supervisors to be accountable for meeting their compliance and training deadlines.
  • Give each regulatory consultant autonomy to easily manage the records for their respective cooperatives.
  • Lay a learning management system foundation to be used for future implementations, such as professional development and safety meeting records.