New safety visit summary

As part of our promise to improve transparency and develop mechanisms for more consistent communication with cooperative CEOs and operations leadership, the team is implementing a new cooperative visit summary. The purpose of the summary is to increase communication about the safety trainings and field observations held at Indiana’s electric cooperatives.

This visit summary, which will be sent within a week of each safety training or field observation, includes information about the training topic, the meeting’s agenda, key staff in attendance, a description of the activities, new near misses reported at the visit and action items.

Starting in July, summaries will be emailed to the appropriate cooperative CEO and operations manager. Each summary is also sent to Jon Elkins and the other safety instructors on the team, which will ensure each safety instructor is up to date on the safety and training activities and opportunities throughout the state.

We value and welcome your feedback on this new communication tool so we can make adjustments to best meet your needs.