Reorganized department vision update

In October 2018, we detailed a vision for the combined safety, training and compliance department. Over the last eight months we’ve made great strides and continue to make progress in additional areas.

The theme central to the vision for the safety, training and compliance department has been to work together to best serve the interests of our member cooperatives as we make changes in areas with opportunities for improvement.


  • Vision: Review the core needs, eliminate redundancies and create efficiencies, with a commitment to excellence on the core needs and fluency on outside resources available for additional needs.
  • Update: Working in tandem with Hoosier Energy to eliminate redundancies experienced in the past; offering joint trainings when appropriate and/or requested by the member cooperative. Reviewing the entire safety training content library with the foremost objective of providing excellence in the core areas. Greater emphasis on measuring comprehension; defining areas to be assessed for proficiency. Identifying content to be included in the learning management system.


  • Vision: Define the required safety and compliance elements for each course, regardless of the instructor. Communicate in digital and print formats the refined list of offerings.
  • Update: Team member assigned to refining and updating training program content with the aim of updated and consistent content; professional-looking materials and handouts in development. Developing content to communicate training opportunities in the annual education and training catalog with the 2020 professional development offerings. Entries will be categorized by importance and make note of recommended or required training interval (annual, bi-annual, etc.), requirements, and more. Catalog available in early October. Exploring more opportunities for online training.


  • Vision: In consultation with cooperative leadership, identify the training gaps and desired enhancements to define an annual recommended training schedule for each cooperative.
  • Update: Jon Elkins and the cooperative’s regulatory consultant, where appropriate, will meet with cooperative leadership in early fall to define cooperative-specific training needs and learning objectives for the coming year.


  • Vision: Employ individual team member strengths and establish development plans for gaps and cross training for targeted knowledge depth.
  • Update: Identifying the strengths of the instructors on the team and pairing with training topics.


  • Vision: Implement ongoing team professional development to meet member cooperative needs. Full safety and compliance team certification in identified core areas.
  • Update:
    • First Aid and CPR Trainer Certification – full team certified
    • Forklift Trainer Certification – 5 team members certified (1 previously certified)
    • Certified Loss Control Professional – 4 team members certified; 1 beginning two-year program in October; 1 likely beginning May 2020
    • OSHA 501 (10-hour) and 503 (30-hour) Authorization – 5 team members certified; 1 scheduled
    • American Traffic Safety Services Association Certified Flagger Instructor Training – 2 team members certified; additional certification class in October
    • Full team current on all continuing education requirements for current certifications


  • Vision: Use a central repository of presentations to ensure consistency of content and quality across instructors.
  • Update: Team member assigned to refine and update training program content with the aim of updated and consistent content; professional-looking materials and handouts in development.


  • Vision: Implement refreshed materials and content throughout 2019, with full learning management system integration. Supplement course with OSHA 10-hour training beginning with fourth-year apprentices in 2019. Identify and implement new technologies and reference material.
  • Update: Learning management system fully implemented. All students using to complete homework and in-class assignments, tests and quizzes, record on-the-job-training hours, access certificates of completion and Ivy Tech transcripts. Operations leadership has access to review apprentices’ progress throughout the program. Implementing the Electrical Training Alliance curriculum beginning with the 2020 first-year apprentices. New curriculum, which brings new technology and reference materials, phased in over three-year period, during which time two team members to become Electrical Training Alliance-certified instructors. All apprentices to now receive fire extinguisher, Speak Up! Listen Up!, and OSHA 10-hour training.


  • Vision: Enhance hands-on learning opportunities with simulated full-scale drills and exercises to test knowledge of the subject and further develop a cooperative’s internal and external relationships.
  • Update: Reinforcing the importance of preparation, practice and emergency planning. Integrating important drills and exercises with ongoing training, such as MAYDAY training conducted in tandem with pole top rescue.