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America was founded on a cooperative spirit. Working together, helping each other for mutual benefit—this is the American way. And for good reason: cooperative organizations provide economic, social and cultural benefits for their members that they often wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

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NineStar Connect becomes first cooperative to offer four utilities

NineStar Connect became the first cooperative in the United States to offer four utilities under one umbrella organization: electricity, fiber optic communications,  …Read More.

‘Wet utilities’ are key to rural economic development

Successful economic development relies on the presence of key infrastructure, such as transportation and fiber optic access. In rural counties  …Read More.

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safety tapeThis Month's Issue of Plug into Safety:

PET safety

Keeping every member of your family safe around electricity is our priority. That includes those furry members of the family. Read more.

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Electric co-ops have the backs of community first responders. Continue Reading