Safety Travels with Chuck

Going the distance for social distancing

Chuck Tiemann’s role as a safety and risk management instructor at Indiana Electric Cooperatives takes him daily to electric cooperatives throughout Indiana. In the age of COVID-19, he’s traveling the state with a camper in tow so he can safely resume his travels. Follow along on Chuck’s travels as he teaches electric safety and uncovers the unique throughout Indiana.

Personal Experience Powers Chuck

It’s easy to understand why Chuck Tiemann is so passionate about teaching electric safety when you learn about his experience 40 years ago that eventually led him to a career as an electric cooperative safety and risk management instructor. May  …Read More.

Chuck’s Home-Away-From-Home on Wheels

June 8, 2020 The Indiana Electric Cooperatives (IEC) safety, training and compliance team continually works with Indiana’s 38 electric cooperatives to pursue a culture of safety. This starts with thoroughly educating employees about all aspects of electric safety. We focus  …Read More.

Chuck Tiemann is committed to teaching others about electric safety. He is known worldwide for sharing his own unforgettable – and true – electric safety story. In 1980, then a lineworker at Kay Electric Cooperative in Blackwell, Oklahoma, Chuck made contact with an energized 7,200-volt power line. As a result of the accident, he died, was brought back to life, and then underwent the amputation of his left arm and right leg. Chuck is a safety and risk management instructor at Indiana Electric Cooperatives.