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Empowering global communities one village at a time for a better tomorrow.

Hope. Progress. Opportunities.
They used to have dreams. Now they have plans.Project-Indiana-Logo_FINAL

We take the modern conveniences electricity provides us for granted. But many families in remote areas of the world live the simplest of lives. They endure extreme hardships because electricity isn’t available. Through Project Indiana, Indiana’s electric cooperatives are empowering global communities one village at a time.

Beginning with a trip in 2012, Indiana electric cooperative lineworkers spent a month electrifying three Guatemalan villages. Lives were changed – both here and there.

In 2015, the vision grew to Project Indiana and sustainable change – moving beyond electrifying villages, to making them a better place to live and enhancing the community – just as happened more than 80 years ago when electricity first came to rural Indiana.

Through Project Indiana, Indiana’s electric cooperatives are empowering global communities one village at a time. And, we know it all begins with electricity – access to better healthcare, fresh drinking water, expanded educational opportunities, economic development and increased public safety.

With support from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association International program, Indiana’s electric cooperatives will return every other year to electrify a village.

In the end, it’s not only light that Project Indiana brings – it’s life, hope, progress and opportunities. With the assistance of businesses, individuals, organizations, foundations and communities, we’re helping them realize dreams and make plans. Your support will make the future trips possible.

Learn more of what’s happening as Project Indiana continues to impact more lives. See the effect of your contributions and learn about new ways to get involved with Project Indiana by signing up to receive project updates.

Board of Directors
Ron Holcomb, Chair, Tipmont REMC
Ron Arnholt, Bartholomew County REMC
Jeff Cardwell, Cardwell Do-It Best Home Center
Roy Friedersdorf
Randy Price, Carroll White REMC
Jane Scott, Northeastern REMC
Diane Willis, Lee\Willis Communications
Jennifer Rufatto, Executive Director

The bottom line? Financial contributions are critical to Project Indiana. Indiana’s 38 electric cooperatives cover the program’s administrative costs, enabling all contributions to go directly to the mission of electrifying and supporting these communities. All donations are tax-deductible.

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