Regulatory Compliance

Strict adherence to regulatory requirements is critical for making sure our members are operating safely, efficiently and legally. We assist our members in this area by providing services that help them stay up-to-date with the latest federal, state and local regulatory requirements through our Regulatory Compliance program.

Regulatory requirements are constantly changing, so we provide ongoing compliance support whenever and wherever it’s needed. Our cooperative-targeted program provides on-site technical support tailored to fit the needs of our members. Program services include:

  • Accurate tracking and interpretation for new or proposed regulations.
  • Direct, on-site assistance focused on regulatory reporting, documentation and record keeping.
  • Assistance with development, implementation, training and maintenance of targeted programs that deal with critical compliance issues.
  • Assistance with response to regulatory agency inspections.
    Our Regulatory Compliance support is a fee-for-service program designed to assist our participating members in meeting their critical compliance requirements. These services help our members improve their risk management position while reducing staff time dedicated to regulatory issues, thereby improving efficiency and lowering their overall exposure to regulatory violations and litigation.

The map at right reflects the cooperatives currently participating in our Regulatory Compliance program.

For additional information on our Regulatory Compliance program, please contact Dan Hoch at