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More than ‘knocking on wood’

Electric cooperatives periodically inspect wooden poles for wear and tear

An estimated 150 million wood poles form the backbone of the nation’s electric grid, supporting the delivery of electricity and telecommunications across America, says Osmose, a nationwide utilities services company. Wood remains the preferred material for poles because of its  …Read More.

Power restored methodically

During widespread power outages, utilities follow similar plan

Tornadoes or other weather-related disasters often bring widespread power outages. Most electric utilities follow a similar methodical plan that ensures power is restored to the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time in the safest manner possible.  …Read More.

Be prepared for spring storms

Spring storms can form quickly and be devastating; preparation is key

Indiana Electric Cooperatives urges Hoosiers to be prepared for dangerous storms that can strike during the spring and summer months. Sudden and powerful storms can devastate lives in a matter of minutes; in the past five years alone, storms have  …Read More.

Twenty-two graduate electric lineworker apprenticeship program

Twenty-two lineworkers graduated Saturday from Indiana Electric Cooperatives’ apprenticeship program, Rural Electric Apprenticeship Program (REAP). REAP is a four-year program that professionally trains apprentice lineworkers from across Indiana. Graduates complete 612 hours of classroom-related study and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training  …Read More.