image showing NewChallenge42_LR_RGBIndiana Electric Cooperatives developed the Rural Electric Apprenticeship Program (REAP) to professionally train electric linemen working for electric cooperatives throughout Indiana. REAP is a four-year program that requires apprentices to attend 612 hours of classroom instruction combined with at least 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. The program is open to Indiana electric cooperative employees or contractors enrolled with IEC.

Our Job Training & Safety instructors work with apprentices through various phases of training and classroom instruction, including but not limited to:

• Basic Climbing
• Advanced Climbing
• Bucket Material/Pole Loading
• Regulator
• Staking
• Underground
• Substation
• Meter
• Rubber Glove School
• Correspondence Study Program

IEC has joined forces with Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana to offer an Associate of Applied Science in Apprenticeship Technology—Electric Line Technician degree. This degree requires four core classes:

• Human Relations in the Workplace
• Economic Fundamentals
• Technical Writing in the Workplace
• Managing Your Personal Finances

After completing the four-year apprenticeship program, a REAP apprentice will earn an associate’s degree and a journeyman’s certificate.

REAP is also available to employees of participating contractors. To find out if your employer participates, please contact Greg Pemberton at


Year One
REAP Classroom Work
Basic Climbing School
Advanced Climbing School
Material Bucket/Pole Loading

Year Two
REAP Classroom Work
Regulator School

Year Three
REAP Classroom Work
Staking School

Year Four
REAP Classroom work
Meter School
Substation School
12 KV Rubber Gloving