Avian Fatality/Injury Report

Please provide all of the requested information and upload photos as appropriate for compliance with your cooperative’s USFWS permit. Upon submitting this form, the report will be emailed to you, the supervisor in-charge and Indiana Electric Cooperatives.

Questions? Contact Marty Jones, 317.696.6246 or mjones@IndianaEC.org.

Avian Fatality/Injury Report

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If bird is injured, contact Marty Jones: 317.696.6246.
If yes, immediately contact Marty Jones, 317.696.6246, and/or conservation officer.
If unknown, contact Marty Jones: 317.696.6246.

Maximum file size: 209.72MB

Photos are important should the identity of a bird species be questioned at a later date.

Following the discovery of a dead bird, the utility must investigate possible modifications that can be made to make the location avian safe.