Utility Disconnect Moratorium Ends

The moratorium on utility disconnects ended Aug. 14 as expected.

Since March, Indiana utilities have been prohibited from disconnecting consumers for past due accounts. During this time, Indiana’s electric cooperatives have worked with their consumers to establish payment plans and find sources of financial aid for those in need.

Following the end of the moratorium, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) ordered utilities under its jurisdiction to comply with certain items, but also indicated it hoped non-jurisdictional utilities, including REMCs, would similarly follow. These items include:

  • Not assess late fees, deposits, and disconnection/reconnection fees on residential accounts through Oct. 12.
  • Provide consumers a minimum of six months to pay past due amounts.
  • Treat past due amounts to this point as a single payment.

The IURC indicated it will monitor consumer complaints from both jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional utility consumers.

Indiana’s electric cooperatives have kept their members the priority throughout the pandemic. We continue to applaud the efforts of each cooperative to serve their consumers and the communities in which they live.