Moving Forward Together: CEOs and Directors Commit to Courageous Leadership

At the IEC annual meeting in December, CEOs and directors were asked to commit to fostering a culture of courageous leadership, engagement and intentional development within their cooperatives. 

What Commitment Means
Commitment signifies a dedication to courageous leadership at the cooperative through engagement and intentional development. The belief is that when CEOs and directors lead together, the impact resonates throughout the cooperative and the communities they serve.

The goal is for CEOs and directors to move forward together, equipped with education and the necessary tools, and engage in their respective roles. By committing to courageous leadership through engagement and intentional development, we will see success through changed mindsets and aligned behaviors, leading to positive, unified results.

Examples of Commitment
Open Communication: Foster transparency and trust.
Lead by Example: Set the standard for values and behaviors.
Continuous Learning: Embrace ongoing education and improvement.
Recognition and Feedback: Appreciate efforts and provide valuable feedback.

Possible Outcomes for CEOs
Increased Engagement: Positive work environment boosts morale.
Stronger Culture: United front creates a cohesive cooperative culture.
Enhanced Satisfaction: Improved leadership strengthens member satisfaction.
Innovation and Growth: Commitment drives sustainable growth.
Community Impact: Thriving cooperative positively impacts communities.

Possible Outcomes for Directors
Stronger Engagement with Stakeholders: Directors actively connect with members and stakeholders.
Strategic Decision-Making: Intentional development informs strategic decisions.
Effective Governance: Commitment contributes to effective governance and accountability.
Financial Health: Strategic decisions ensure financial health and sustainability.

Success is a thriving, engaged cooperative positioned for future challenges, led by a board committed to integrity, vision and cooperative principles. 

For those who may have missed the opportunity to make their commitment, it’s not too late — the call remains open. Make your commitment here by Friday, March 15. Download and print your commitment card for reference here.