Update: Commitment to Zero Contacts Phase Two

IEC has completed the second phase of Commitment to Zero Contacts with nine cooperatives, with an additional three cooperatives to be completed by the end of February. IEC also recently traveled to Michigan to help that statewide association complete this process with a member co-op.

“Our linemen have embraced the Commitment to Zero Contacts program wholeheartedly. They’ve already proactively fixed several issues, and it’s not driven by management; it’s driven by them. Instead of being pushed by management, the change came from within, resonating with them much more. This program has fostered a more personal feeling among our lineman, making them more open to discussing and implementing safety measures.”

Colt Burnau, CEO of Heartland REMC

The Commitment to Zero initiative provides cooperative CEOs, senior leaders and field personnel with ideas and resources to help them reduce the chance of serious injuries and fatalities due to electrical contact and to enhance cooperative safety efforts.

In the second phase of this initiative, IEC works directly with operational department leaders and their teams to review current work practices using a hands-on approach incorporating employee input, facilitation and two-way discussion. The purpose is to better understand actual work practices, create local ownership and to create a plan to minimize future risk as needed.

Interested cooperatives should reach out to Jon Elkins, jelkins@indianaec.org or 765.516.0340.