Electric service territory legislation signed by Gov. Pence

Gov. Mike Pence Friday signed electric service territory legislation (Senate Bill 309) into law. The legislation amends the existing law to preserve existing electric service boundaries, regardless of future annexations.STP Social Media Image

Senate Bill 309 protects the affordability of electricity for all Hoosiers by preserving electric service territory, and requires all of the state’s electric utilities to collaborate and agree to any changes in service territory.

“Cooperatives across Indiana can serve our members in confidence knowing Indiana law promotes a fair and equal system for electric service territory changes,” said Rick Coons, CEO of Indiana Electric Cooperatives.

The electric cooperatives’ founding principles require the cooperatives to consider how their choices affect the greater Indiana community. Each electric cooperative’s local board of directors considers this as they make decisions about how to improve the quality of life for its members and foster economic development in the larger community.

“Indiana’s electric cooperatives remain committed to working together with all our community partners to promote economic development in our communities,” said Coons.

Indiana Electric Cooperatives was joined by the Indiana Farm Bureau, Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Indiana Energy Association, Indiana Manufacturers Association and Indiana AFL-CIO in supporting SB 309. Each of these organizations supported the legislation because a positive environment for economic growth in communities all over Indiana depends on the integrity and stability of electric service territory and affordable electricity for all Hoosiers.