Indiana’s electric cooperatives disappointed by court’s decision on request for stay of Clean Power Plan implementation

Indiana’s electric cooperatives and their generation and transmission (G&T) partners are disappointed by Thursday’s Federal D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals decision to not issue a stay on the implementation of the iStock_000001091438_LargeEnvironmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan.

Indiana Electric Cooperatives, Hoosier Energy and Wabash Valley Power maintain the EPA has exceeded its authority under the Clean Air Act. They further assert the agency has not taken into account the cost burdens and lack of viable technology needed to comply with the Clean Power Plan regulations.

The decision to not issue a stay will likely require electric cooperatives in Indiana to begin making costly and irreversible changes to the electric utility infrastructure before the court has had time to fully examine the complex rule and issue a judgement on its legality.

“We have a responsibility to represent the best interest of our member-owners and we are concerned about the impact of this rule,” said Tom VanParis, CEO of Indiana Electric Cooperatives. “We support a responsible energy policy that balances Hoosiers’ energy needs with environmental concerns through an all-of-the-above approach.”

Indiana’s electric cooperatives and their G&T partners are dedicated to the communities they serve and their mission to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity. That is why all three of the organizations support an “all-of-the-above” strategy that includes energy efficiency programs, natural gas, renewables and coal.

Indiana Electric Cooperatives, located in Indianapolis, represents 38 electric distribution cooperatives that serve 1.3 million Hoosiers in 89 of the state’s 92 counties. The cooperatives are collectively the second largest electricity provider in Indiana. For more information, visit

 Hoosier Energy is a generation and transmission cooperative with headquarters in Bloomington, Ind. The G&T provides electric power and services to 18 electric distribution cooperatives in southern and central Indiana and southeastern Illinois. Hoosier Energy operates the coal-fired Merom Generating Station, three natural gas power plants, several renewable energy plants and a 1,700-mile transmission network. For more information, visit

 Wabash Valley Power provides wholesale electricity to 23 electric distribution cooperatives and their nearly 350,000 customers located throughout the northern half of Indiana, and parts of Illinois and Missouri. For more information, visit For more information, visit