A stronger connection to power cooperatives

Grassroots engagement has always been a key driver of electric cooperatives’ successes. Since Boone REMC was first founded in 1935, the consumer-owners of Indiana’s electric cooperatives have played a crucial role in creating the political environment that allows REMCs to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity to the communities they serve.

From pushing back efforts to encroach on cooperative service territory, to creating a statewide grant program to encourage broadband deployment, cooperatives enjoy their legislative successes because of the enthusiasm and activism of their grassroots membership.

A key factor to creating a compelling argument for consumer-owners to support their cooperatives on policy matters is effectively communicating how and why policies impact them – not just in receiving electricity, but in efforts to deliver a high quality of life to their communities.

That’s why IEC is rolling out a new grassroots communication plan for 2020: monthly grassroots content that member cooperatives can share directly with their consumer-owners. Through articles, leadership columns and social media suggestions, each month’s content will demonstrate how fundamental aspects of the political process impact electric cooperatives. Member cooperatives will also receive resources to encourage their consumer-owners to engage in the political process through the Co-ops Vote program, which is designed to drive rural voter engagement ahead of the 2020 primary and general elections.

Look for the new grassroots communication materials in the January 2020 communication resources email that will be sent the week of Nov. 4.

As a crucially important and high-profile election year approaches, it is more important than ever to ensure electric cooperatives and the Hoosiers they serve maintain the strong level of engagement that has delivered so many successful legislative initiatives. Help IEC ensure electric cooperatives remain a strong, successful force for change in Indianapolis and Washington by helping grow grassroots participation across Indiana.

To learn more about the new grassroots communication program and how to get your cooperative more involved in IEC’s grassroots network, contact Bennett Fuson.