State launches Indiana Connectivity Program

The Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs’ new Indiana Connectivity Program is open for Hoosier residents and businesses lacking high-speed internet connectivity. The purpose of the program is to connect potential customers with providers while assisting with the expense of extending high-speed internet to those areas.

The program allows residents to report their internet speeds or lack of internet to the state. Locations with internet speeds of less than 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload are eligible. Through a bidding process, service providers may be able to gain access to state funds for projects.

“Through this program, we can help more Hoosiers, especially those in rural areas, have better access to quality internet service,” said Denny Spinner, executive director of the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs. “The Indiana Connectivity Program is one more step toward expanding broadband accessibility to all corners of Indiana.

REGISTER for the Indiana Connectivity Program

  1. Test your broadband speed. Visit The real-time data collected through the Indiana Farm Bureau resource can be entered in the next step.
  2. Complete the Indiana Connectivity Program application. Visit Your application, coupled with those of your neighbors and others throughout the state, could help secure additional funding to extend high-speed internet to your area.