Behind-the-Scenes Work Continues

Behind-the-scenes work has progressed over the last two months at the new IEC office building.

The application for the expansion was submitted May 17 to the City of Carmel’s Technical Advisory Committee. With this filing, we are on track for consideration at the June 21 Technical Advisory Committee meeting. Following this meeting, the next step is the plan approval at the July 18 City of Carmel Planning Commission meeting.

As we continue work with planning commission approval, staff have made progress in several other areas:

  • Audiovisual – We are working with an audiovisual consultant about the needs in the meeting spaces. The consultant will make recommendations for options in each meeting space that provide the most favorable attendee experience. Staff will then work with the consultant to finalize AV plans that most closely align with the budget.
  • Finishes – Ongoing meetings with the interior design firm to finalize the finishes for the completed space. This includes carpet, tile, cabinetry, counters, and paint.
  • Furniture – Ongoing meetings with a business furniture firm to discuss needs for the meeting spaces and offices. The company made recommendations for each space and staff is working with the firm to finalize plans that most closely align with the budget.  
  • Fire Suppression – Ongoing meetings with a fire suppression company and the Carmel Fire Department to test the sprinkler system and address any noted deficiencies. Staff also had a cellular phone line installed to meet compliance requirements for fire monitoring.

Staff and the project manager are also exploring budget-conscious options for a mothers’ room. The original renovation plan does not include a good option for this space since the perimeter of the building – where most offices will be located – is lined with windows. There is an anticipated need for this space in the future by both staff and member-employee visitors.