Progress continues to be made on the new IEC office building.

The project cleared two hurdles with the City of Carmel. The project received plan approval through the City of Carmel Technical Advisory Committee on June 21 and the Commercial Committee on June 27.

Additional work has continued on details for the office.

  • Finishes and Furniture. Plans for interior finishes and furniture selections are complete and coincide with the budget. The furniture order has been placed.
  • Construction Bids. Construction bids, complete with final construction drawings, were sent to four general contractors. Bids were due July 27 and interviews with the general contractors were held Aug. 1. Work continues to ensure the bids were submitted in comparable manners to identify potential cost-saving measures. We remain on track for the general contractor award to happen by mid-month. Construction should begin by the end of August, assuming the timely receipt of building permits from both the State and City of Carmel.