First Few Weeks in the New IEC Office

This April marked a significant milestone for the IEC team as we officially moved into our new home at 11805 Pennsylvania Street, Carmel. Our facility not only represents a new, fresh space but also a commitment to continuing our mission  …Read More.

More than ‘knocking on wood’

Electric cooperatives periodically inspect wooden poles for wear and tear

An estimated 150 million wood poles form the backbone of the nation’s electric grid, supporting the delivery of electricity and telecommunications across America, says Osmose, a nationwide utilities services company. Wood remains the preferred material for poles because of its  …Read More.

CEO Executive Roundtable

IEC launched its Executive Roundtable in February. The roundtable series provides the 14 participating Indiana electric cooperative CEOs with a unique platform for collaboration, innovation and growth to take their leadership and professional development to the next level. The series  …Read More.

New IEC Office Nearly Complete

There has been significant progress on the new IEC office, which is nearing completion. Over the past few weeks, the finishing touches have been applied, and furniture installations are underway, marking the final stages before we officially move in and  …Read More.